Bigwig Races Names Smash Events As Official Event Planner For Hams And Hamstrings 5K

Corporations partner to guarantee success of Colorados Easter Day 5K. Bigwig Races, a Colorado Springs based producer of first class 5K and 10K races, reported today that it has named Smash Events as the official Event Coordinator and exclusive Event Planning sponsor for its Hams and Hamstrings 5K race to be held in Colorado Springs on Easter Sun., April eight, 2012. “Smash Events will help us make sure our opening Easter run is an impressive event as well as an awesome run,” announced Curtis Claar, co-founder and Sponsor Relations Manager for Bigwig Races. “We would have liked to get a professional event executive in place so we could focus on the sponsors and runners.

And the fun of the day’s event.” Although the majority of the events planned by Smash Events are weddings, Smash Events also has an provoking portfolio of planning other events. “Just like a marriage needs inclusive planning and awareness of detail, so too does a successful 5K. Our job is to see that each detail of the race is inclined to so the runners can focus upon doing their very best, meeting their personal fitness goals, and being a part of a top quality sporting event,” asserted Ashlee Springer, founding figure behind Smash Events.

The Hams and Hamstrings 5K race is being billed as “Colorado’s Easter Day 5K,” and is one of only a few races across the land planned for Easter Sunday. The race is open to serious runners, walkers, youths, and families alike. Prizes will be offered for first, second and 3rd place finishes. In addition, the race will be sanctioned by USA Track & Field and will definitely be chip-timed. Registration for the race is available at hamsandhamstrings “In Colorado Springs, we like Jesus and we adore running.

This race is a perfect fit for our community and a great way to come together and celebrate these two attributes of our city,” Springer added. The Bigwig Races model guarantees that every race is effective, both as a promotional auto and as a competitive sporting occassion to support community 64257;tness. We leverage years of expertise in advertising, publishing, process improvement, accounting, sales, event planning, and project management. Our principals also enjoy running in local and regional races and have participated in masses of races, some as a backed athlete. Complete info regarding Bigwig Races is available by calling (719) 362-3306 or by visiting bigwigraces About Smash Events Formed in 2010, Smash Events is quickly becoming one of the most sought after wedding and event planners in the Pikes Peak area. Ashlee Springer, the deviser of Smash Events, says inclusive planning and quality preparation are 80% of what makes a fabulous event and pro execution of those plans is the last 20%. Their job is to ensure 100% of those elements are in place.

Ashlee is also featured on marriage and event blogs and is a pro in planning professional events. Complete information about Smash Events is available by calling (719) 930-3964 or by going to smashevents

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Newspaper Classifieds: The Good, the Bad and the Hilarious

The Chicago Reader, for decades one of America?s most respected and profitable alternative weeklies, is for sale again, its troubles attributed to dramatic declines in classified ad revenues. The proximate cause: free ads offered by such competing web outlets as Craigslist. ?Once [classified revenues] dried up,? commented Charles Whitaker, a professor at Medill journalism school, ?there was just no place else for them to turn.? The Reader?s sister papers in Atlanta and Washington, D.C. are also on the block, and across-the-board pay cuts were announced at all three papers.

At its best, the Reader ? like the Village Voice, LA Weekly, where I was publisher for nearly 20 years until 2002, and dozens of others in the alternative weekly niche ? offered a sharp critique of the journalism malpracticed by the mainstream press. As revenues have slumped all over the country, alt-weeklies have scrambled, slashing editorial staffs and page counts and cutting pay and benefits.

The sad state of newspaper classifieds makes me feel lucky that I worked at LA Weekly during the early ?80s, when the classifieds did more than drive revenue: they said as much about the city?s culture as the cover stories.

In those days, a follower of the Weekly?s classifieds could find mind-bending New Age remedies (?Breast Enhancement Through Hypnosis!?) intermingled with phone-sex lines, help wanteds (with headlines like ?Cocaine Has Nothing To Do With This Job?), personals and apartment rentals. (One ad for a ?clothing-optional apartment complex? prompted a perplexed call from an electrician who was asked to fix some wiring wearing only his boots and tool belt.)

The impossibly young classified crew was captained by legendary record collector/amateur drummer Jim Kaplan, who handled a steady barrage of freaked out clients with the mantra, ?You got new business from your ad, so we must be doing something right.? His staff included a Stanislavski-trained actress channeling Hollywood B-list icon Lola Lane; a guitarist/vocalist for a popular death metal band; a comic book writer with an English accent so thick clients couldn?t understand him; a 21-year-old already twice-divorced personals manager; and a proudly punk messenger with a pet rat residing in his hair. The pages were pasted up with an Xacto knife and a straight edge, which permitted last-minute mischief like the substitution of the head of a German shepherd for the headshot of a prominent psychic.

The staff, especially the folks in production, dressed with a point of view. They mocked shoulder-pad clad ?power women? by wearing actual football shoulder pads over their torn T-shirts and undoubtedly contributed to various tipping points in retro-hippie, punk or metal attire. A tiny, elderly Japanese gardener who came in to drop off an ad expressed delight that we dressed our employees up in costumes.

To draw readers into the classifieds, we published the idiosyncratic astrology column ?Rockie Horoscope? ? in which the late, great Rockie Gardner predicted 10 out of every two earthquakes. In between the ads you could find absurd bits of clip art, like a bird pulling a worm out of a woman?s eye. Even the typos could be revealing: an 83-year-old grandmother was horrified that we put her phone number in an ad for ?China,? a 6-foot-tall cross-dressing adult massage therapist. A few days later, granny was on the phone, complaining that she got only a handful of responses.

And yes, there were plenty of ads from ?massage therapists? who specialized in happy beginnings, middles and endings. A libertarian argument could be made for running them, but the truth was we did it for the money, which allowed us to investigate and expose corruptions ignored by the dailies and to publish ? admittedly for minimal recompense ? the superb writing of Michael Ventura, Harlan Ellison, Mikal Gilmore and many other unique voices.

We also tried to use the classifieds to do some good deeds, which rarely went unpunished. ?We gave prison inmates free ?pen pal? ads,? Kaplan, who now owns his own newspaper, recalls. ?One evening, I?m watching a 60 Minutes segment on a scam that involved prisoners in three jails born churning out hundreds of counterfeit money orders. One of their chosen venues to reel in their marks was the personal ads section of LA Weekly, where ?born again in prison? inmates sought ?good Christian pen pals.??

The classified chaos at the Weekly was not for the fainthearted. It was often excruciating, especially every Thursday, the day the paper hit the streets. That?s when the calls began from distribution outlets who hated the ?adult? section and clients whose ads were mangled, wrongly categorized or just plain left out. Sometimes, though, the pain seemed a mere hangover from the night before, when, after the paper went out, some of the amazing musicians who populated the Weekly staff pushed furniture out of the way, set up their equipment and jammed far into the night.


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Twitter?s Ad for Its Ads [Video]

Twitter is formally launching its very-long-in-the works self-serve ad platform today. This is one of those ?thing we announced was coming a little while ago is now here? announcements; no news here. But the video they?ve created to explain how self-serve works is worth two minutes, if you care about digital ads and/or Twitter?s prospects:

Simple, right? And if it works the way the narrator dude pitches it, then this is an important launch for Dick Costolo and company: They?ll get an engine that brings in small dollars from a really big group of advertisers ? just like Google?s AdWords. Meanwhile, Twitter ad guy Adam Bain can work on courting a small group of advertisers with really big dollars to spend on other campaigns ? just like traditional media companies.

(Department of Nice Touches notation: While Twitter is deeply integrated into Apple?s mobile platform, the ad doesn?t call out the iPhone by name. But the audio cue when they mention mobile makes it clear what they?re thinking about.)


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New York Medical Misdoing Counsel From The Perecman Firm Comments On Cosmetic Surgery Following The Suspension Of Staten Island Cosmetic Surgeon

A Staten Island plastic surgeon has been postponed after being sued for medical malpractice in N. Y more than forty times in 30 years, reported the New York Post. In the opinion of the tabloid, Robert Cattani performed an eyelid surgery that blinded a woman in one eye in 2005, and performed an abdominal reduction on another patient that led to deadly blood loss.

New York medical malpractice lawyer Another patient suffered a perforated bowel in a liposuction in 2007. Earlier this month, the Long Island State Department of Health revoked Cattani’s license, calling him “a forthcoming danger to the health of the people of the state,” reported the New York Post. “For whatever reason a person may seek cosmetic surgery, she should be expecting a reasonable level of care before, during and after the procedure,” said Perecman, a medical wrongdoing counsel in N. Y for over thirty years. . NY medical wrongdoing lawyers at The Perecman Firm understand victims of medical misdoing in NY may in a position to recover financial compensation to pay for hospital treatment, correcting surgery, lost salary, future hospital treatment and more . If you or a friend or family member has suffered wounds due to cosmetic surgery malpractice or medical misdoing in N. Y distribution press release, please contact the experienced Long Island medical wrongdoing lawyers at The Perecman Firm at the web site . About David Perecman and The Perecman Firm, PLLC : . For the last thirty years, the New York medical malpractice, auto accident, construction accident, and injury accident counsels at The Perecman Firm, PLLC have handled every type of cases including age and disability discrimination.

The distinguished U.S. News & World Report ranks The Perecman Firm among the top twenty personal injury firms in N. Y City for 2011-2012. The Firm has recovered millions of greenbacks for its clients.

Among the more recent victories, Mr. The Perecman Firm serves Manhattan, Westchester, Upstate NY, Morris County, and Rockland County. *** later settled for $3.5 million . **** total potential payout . “Counsel Advertising” . “.

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Unique Social Network For Fishing Community Launches Blogs, Forums, Talk, Photos, Fishing Club Tools And More – All Free

Fishnfools with its Fishing Blogs, Forums, Talk and all of the features included in any complete social network, with its familiar Facebook-type user platform, is poised to become a heart for the fishing community. With its unique features, Fishnfools seems to have the recipe for success. (fishnfools) Unlike Facebook, Fishnfools lets members focus and engage with those of similar interests without the intrusiveness and interruptions from one’s past or present social relations. As President / Chief Executive Officer Garry Cooper places it, “Facebook’s popularity from the onset was, and still is, drama and gossip. Fishnfools is built to have the same or more use, but to avoid that negative characteristic of Facebook, and focus upon one thing – Fishing!” And reputedly his statement sounds true. Not only will Fishnfools allow the common interaction among its users with features such as forums, chat, photo management, friending, and messaging, it may also include valuable features to the fishing community like highly educational and occasionally funny blogs, a photograph database that's searchable by fish type and area allowing real time photograph oriented fishing reports, tide info, and a fishing club section that allows fishing clubs, with just three mouse clicks, to have their own web presence. As CEO Cooper points out, “Fishing Clubs now don't need to build and maintain a website.

Fishnfools includes powerful club and member managerial tools, with calendars, events, and all of the other social network features purely for that club that wouldn't be financially possible for a tiny fishing club to incorporate in its own site. And after all, it’s free!” Mr. Cooper also makes it clear that fishing, in his perspective, is any outside activity that's on or near water that involves catching any water creature what so ever. This is illustrated by the content of the blogs on the site as the articles go from clam digging, spear fishing, frog gigging, and Bow and arrow fishing to catching crawfish and snapping turtles by hand, as a partial list.

Fishnfools has solemnly integrated special promoting and buyer retention tools for fishing guides, fishing charter boats, and other fishing related companies into its site as well . According to Cooper, these fishing enterprises can gain and develop top quality and valuable relationships with both future customers and existing customers with their collusion in this highly centered social network. CEO Cooper explains “Our business members have a no risk chance to expose their businesses to their actual target-market community and spawn an extremely high quality and valuable relationship that goes beyond what can be developed by conventional advertising and selling, and have a system to interact and market to existing customers in a nicer way than exists anywhere in the advertising world.” One thing is absolutely certain, this site seems to be well thought out and seems to have the needs and desires of the fishing community at its heart. It's a well designed and friendly site that truly is easy to utilise and promotes one main concept – Fishing. It is totally free and straightforward to join and navigate and if you are a gater wrestling, hillbilly fishing, frog chasing, spear fishing scuba diver, or merely a ordinary fisherman or girl, it is unquestionably something worth looking into for you, your pals, and your fishing clubs! Take a look at it at fishnfools.

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Classified Ads

Classified ads

are a very popular way to communicate with consumers.? While classified ads have been around for over thirty years, the ease and popularity has only grown over time.? The advertising is both inexpensive and in may cases free.? The growth of online marketing has also grown and now you have advertising online with classified ads as well.

classified ads

Classified ads can be used to drive traffic to your website, or make an announcement, really they can be used for almost any purpose and can be used for any industry.? Using a classified ad means you only need a few lines of text, and your information is conveyed.? Search engines today utilize classified ad sites constantly, because they are always updated with fresh information.? If you submit your ad with your URL, then Google can get to your website quicker and consumers can find your site quicker inside their index.


Classified ads can be placed for job openings, automobiles both new and used, beauty products, business ventures, products and services, real estate, and so much more.? You also can reach worldwide when advertising online.? You are not only able to influence your consumer buying, you are promoting your services or products with every click.


For consumers, the great thing about classified ads and advertising online is that they can easily shop and compare, saving them time and effort in their buying.? Your targeted audience is able to view your advertising for a longer period of time and can bring multiple consumers to you.

Some of the key reasons for using classified ads and advertising online other than the fact that many of them are free classified ads:


  • ? Classified ads are very effective in marketing
  • ? Distribution to a larger target audience, worldwide
  • ? Affordable advertising method, free or very inexpensive
  • ? Keyword usage can be used as a website link and improve your ranking
  • ? Advertising online with classified ads can help you to grow specific categories of your? business
  • ? Classified ads can help to really drives traffic to your website and help in marketing strategy
  • ? You can target your audience with specific products and reach largest audience

Using classified ads

for your advertising online is smart and affordable and really can improve your sales, your ranking and your online presence.? Utilize the free classified ads as much as you can, but remember the total cost is inexpensive and the results are huge.

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How to make job fairs worth your while

Job_seekersAttending a job fair can seem a little like speed dating. You?re one of many in a line of candidates who meet with participating employers so quickly there is barely time to shake hands and say hello before being rushed along.

With a little effort, however, you can use this brief time to your advantage. Here?s how to stand out at job fairs:

If you treat a job fair as a simple matter of presenting yourself for selection, you?re cheating yourself. You should be the one doing the selecting. That begins with being choosy about the events you attend. A job fair that neither fits your specialty nor offers jobs in cities you would consider working in probably won?t be worth your time.

Once you?ve found a suitable event, don?t worry about making an impression on every employer there. Instead, create a list of the three or four that are a great match for your professional goals and interests. Don?t overlook less familiar firms, which may have excellent career opportunities while attracting less competition. After you?ve made contact with each of your top targets, investigate additional companies as time permits.

While your time with an employer during the fair may be brief, approach the event as though you were preparing for several conventional job interviews that just happen to be scheduled on the same day. Ask members of your network what they know about the employers you?re targeting and research those firms? current priorities. Come up with a few questions that demonstrate your familiarity with each company.

Dress as you normally would for an interview and prepare a r?sum? that?s customized for each of your top choices. Bring hard copies with you to the fair, even if you submitted your r?sum? online when you registered.

Don?t count on your r?sum? to buy you extended attention from an employer. Every minute of a company?s time at a job fair is precious. Well before the event, practice a pitch that?s about the length of a TV commercial. Write it out, memorize it and rehearse it in front of a friend willing to provide a critique. The pitch should establish who you are, what your specialties are and how you can benefit the business.

The finer points of job-fair behavior can make the difference between a successful event and a waste of time. Here are some tips that can lead to better results.

It can be comforting to attend a big event with a friend or two, but would you bring them along to a conventional job interview? Remember that the idea is to stand out and make new connections.

When you?re standing in line to meet an employer or get lunch, introduce yourself to people around you. Take an interest in them, whether they?re on the hiring or job-seeking side, and let them know your own story. It?s a low-stakes way to practice your pitch, as well as a chance to build your network.

You?re here to find work, not to accumulate stuff you?ll discover buried deep in a desk drawer the next time you move. Loading up on freebies looks unprofessional.

Keep in mind the job fair isn?t over once you head back home. After the event, send your new contacts a brief thank-you email that reiterates what you can offer their companies. Remind them of any distinguishing points you discussed.

It?s true that most aspects of a job fair are out of your control. But that doesn?t mean it?s an entirely random affair. If you approach it as enduring a day of drudgery in exchange for a long-shot chance at a job offer, it?s unlikely to do you any good. But if you?re selective and assertive about the parts of the process you can control, you?ll have good reason to feel optimistic about your chances.


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FitnessCompany Website Helps Personal Coaches Create And Launch Fitness Website

While many people will be visiting personal fitness trainers and gyms to take on their new years resolutions, personal trainers themselves could have decided to increase their business by making an online presence and web site this year. If that is the case my fitness company offers a 2012 special : for $7.99, personal coaches can set up a new website name for a fitness site as well as a free starter internet page, domain forwarding and masking, email forwarding, auto renew protection, status alerts and more. Designed for personal trainers, coaches and fitness pros who are interested in building an online presence swiftly and cheaply, MyFitnessCompany offers a full collection of web site launching services as well as the current online promotion. If you are an individual fitness coach or coach and you do not have a site and social media presence marketing your business, then you're literally missing out on hundreds of greenbacks and new business each day, announced John Spencer Ellis, founder of John Spencer Ellis Enterprises, a private development and fitness solutions company, and the My Fitness Company site. We created My Fitness Company as a full service online resource for personal coaches who are looking for more online marketing, more clients and more revenue. In addition, My Fitness Company helps private trainers find, register, replenish or transfer website domain names ; host websites and blogs ; secure the internet site and protect client info and transactions with a SSL certificate ; develop an internet store for fitness product sales ; boost search engine visibility ; create a spam-free e-mail account as well as an e-mail plan, internet-based marketing and business calendar ; build the new web site and more.

The sale is for new dot com site names. My Fitness Company also provides online support, info on renewals and upgrades, non-public registration and more, all designed specifically for private fitness trainers and coaching executives. About John Spencer Ellis Companies and My Fitness Company . John Spencer Ellis Ventures is a solutions supplier for fitness and coaching pros around the planet, providing education, turn-key business programs, training and resources for new and advanced fitness and training execs.

For more information about John Spencer Ellis Companies or My Fitness Company, please feel free to visit myfitnesscompany.

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Tips for getting a job when you?re over 50

getting_jobThe following tips are taken from an article written for executives who are 50 or older and have lost their jobs. Most recruiters and companies admit privately that they are significantly less interested in hiring executives over 50. The most important reasons for this bias are: inflexible management style, difficulty reporting to a younger boss, high compensation needs and lack of computer skills.

- During interviews discuss how you modified your management approach to fit different challenges in different business cultures.

- Cite examples when you enabled younger superiors to succeed, grow and advance their careers. Emphasize that you will manage what your boss wants to get done now, so that he or she will have more time to work on what should be done in the future.

- You will have a significant advantage over younger job candidates the more you are willing to accept less salary up front in exchange for a greater performance-based bonus.

- By age 50, you have developed special abilities ? such as problem solving, people management, judgment and leadership ? that are highly valued by companies and that offer significant advantages over less experienced younger executives. You can solve most problems faster than younger job-seeking competitors. Try to find examples where you quickly identified key drivers impacting performance, and developed solutions that achieved improved results in record time. Examples might be delays in new product introduction, late shipments, cost overruns or declining quality control.

- Change your search strategy. Larger companies usually have built-in succession plans and hire internally nearly 90 percent of the time. In contrast, smaller companies usually hire executive talent from the outside as they grow. Further, there are 20 times as many companies in the U.S. with sales of under $100 million as there are above. They are less concerned with your age, highly value your experience and make faster hiring decisions. Focus your search efforts on smaller companies.

The tips are from Tucker Mays and Bob Sloane, principals of OptiMarket LLC, an executive job-search coaching firm they co-founded to help executives over 50 find their next job in the shortest time possible. They have also co-authored the book ?Fired at 50: How to Overcome the Greatest Executive Job Search Challenge.? For more information, visit their website at

Do what others fail to do.


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B2BeTrader Asserts Launch Of Internet Site That May Help Businesses Buy & Sell Commercial Apparatus

At a point when more and more enterprises are on the lookout for a way to economize on their yearly costs, B2BeTrader has launched recently with a clever solution. It is a free list where firms can list their used gear like, restaurant equipment, medical hardware, farm equipment, heavy kit distributing press releases, or anything else they're looking to sell. For people that are fighting thru the coarse economy, B2BeTrader is a blessing. When a piece of equipment stops working, it can force companies to close altogether. With a single place to find what they want firms can get back to work without paying the high cost of purchasing new. B2BeTrader Offers : . Great Prices on Kit That Still Works.

There’s no need to purchase new if you don't have to. A Green Alternative. Manufacturing new office hardware expends energy and contributes to global warming. b2betrader Recycling is a cheap solution for many companies. Hardware From a Diverse Choice of Industries. Whether you're a restauranteur, a medical practitioner, or a farmer, you'll find something you require for much much less. A 100 pc Riskless Guarantee.

No Member's Fees or Set up Costs. We don't charge you for anything. B2BeTrader’s founder, Jovan Haye, saw the requirement for a brand-new way for entrepreneurs and business owners to find the kit they have to start or to simply stay in business. “The old guard has crumpled under its own weight,” Jovan declared, “and green entrepreneurs are prepared to take on the issue of building eco-friendly businesses that reduce our impact on this planet. We think buying used and recycled equipment for sale is good way for these up-and-comers to start.” . It’s a time when ecological and cost-effective are meeting head to head.

In a bid to cut back their spending on office equipment, companies are looking to online classifieds like B2BeTrader. As a result, these same companies regularly find recycled clobber that more than meets their needs . Eco friendly is now becoming wallet friendly. . They wish to barter with other companies, exchanging their own used equipment and services for recycled gear that isn’t properly being put to use. It just proves there’s more than one way to skin a pussy nowadays, especially in this challenging industrial climate.” . If you have an interest in buying or selling your used restaurant equipment, office equipment, medical hardware, farm equipment, or heavy hardware, visit B2BeTrader at b2betrader . On Facebook : . The internet site . Our internet site . On LinkedIn : . B2Betrader is a business to business (b2b) classified and list internet site.

This website will help companies operate efficiently, and at the same time, help the environment by reducing needless waste. B2Betrader is a single-stop shop for companies’ buying buyers, supply chain / outsourcing management teams to buy, sell, trade and barter equipment, supplies, services and any other assets. As businesses are scaling back thanks to the economy, this website will be a very important source for raising capital to help finance impending new projects or help with the upkeep of current infrastructures.

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