Industry Icon Alain Pinel Joins Intero Real Estate Services

Alain Pinel, the renowned real estate businessman whose name is on the fa231;ade of a leading nationwide property company, has returned to Northerly California and will serve as Senior VP and Handling Officer of Intero Real Estate Services, a premier real-estate brokerage firm located in the Silicon Valley. In his new role, Pinel will use his experience and past success in facilitating Intero’s Estate and Luxury markets, nationally and internationally. “I've got a enthusiasm for this business,” related Pinel, “I am excited to begin a new project with an outstanding brokerage and a progressive leadership team. I look forward to joining forces with Intero and working with their Luxury Brand.” . Pinel’s 30 years in the real estate business have made him a leader with a solid past history for success :

  • In the ’80s, while EVP and General Manager of Fox & Carskadon, then the biggest home property firm in the area, the firm tripled its volume of sales (over $3B) and appeared as amongst the top corporations in the country as well as a regional high-end real estate leader.

  • In 1990, as founder, chairman and CEO of Alain Pinel Realtors, he reinvented the marketing of top-end properties around international advertising and state-of-the-art technology, before selling the firm to his 2 partners to spend one or two years in Europe.
  • Through the end of 1994, Alain Pinel was in Paris, in charge of the commercial activities of Sefimeg, the largest real estate entity listed on the French stock exchange with a portfolio of over nine thousand residences and 3,000,000 square feet of leased commercial space.
  • In 1995, Coldwell Banker brought him back to California. As SVP for the San Francisco, Headland & Silicon Valley region till 2002, Pinel put awesome new records on the books for the company with a sales volume of $13 bill in 2000 and fourteen thousand closed residential sales.

  • In 2002, together with three partners, he founded Imminence, a start up that changed the way property is done in France and near by countries. With a core business built round the MLS system, he furnished a menu of selling, financial and productivity tools to the industry.
  • It was voted “Best real estate company in Massachusetts” four years in a row.
Mr. Pinel is also a former VP of FIABCI, the International Property Federation in Northerly California, and former VP of the French-American Chamber of Commerce.

. “We are thrilled to have Alain Pinel as a part of the Intero team,” asserted Intero Property Services Founder, President & CEO Gino Blefari. His phenomenal level of professionalism will continue to lead and expand the Intero brand as a famous name hereabouts and abroad.” . About the Intero(R) brand . Set up in 2002, Intero Real Estate Services, Inc. press release distribution has quickly become one of the premier real-estate brands in the U.S. In 2004, Intero Franchise Services Incorporated.

Began franchising and currently is operating in some of the western states. In 2009, Intero Global Franchise Services, LLC embarked on developing territories in Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East, Africa and the Americas. The corporations are personal and based in California’s Silicon Valley.

The Internet Website Search All Classifieds. The New Search Website For Classifieds Is Out Of Beta.

The internet site is a classifieds database breaking out of beta testing after 10 months of development. As of Sep of 2011, the internet website is officially live and functional. Our internet site bridges the gap between personal consumers and ad publishers by bringing together classified ads from more than two hundred classifieds sites, local media outlets, and online forums. The website looks for to get rid of the need to search across multiple web sites.

Our web site is out of Beta, launches its Search Site for Classifieds. Our net web site is a classifieds database breaking out of beta testing after 10 months of development. As of Sep of 2011, our internet site is officially live and functional. Our internet site bridges the space between personal buyers and ad publishers by bringing together classified adverts from more than 200 classifieds sites, local media outlets, and online forums. The web site searches for to eliminate the need to search across multiple websites.

While in its test version, our site implemented and tested numberous updates to its engine, concentrating on improving ease-of-use and efficiency : – More than two hundred classifieds websites, forums and notice boards were added to the Net website search database, totaling over 16,000,000 classifieds – Improved ad previews – with thumbnails and passing ad outline – Search filters – search by keyword, class, price and location, across the nation or within up to 250 miles radius – Saved Searches and E-mail alerts – users are notified when new adverts matching their criteria are posted – Con / Spam filtering – using mechanical spyware / spam filtering engines and community moderation – shown up to 100% success rate for recently posted lists. – Filters for copies – similar lists from multiple ad sources are filtered As well as optimised search / browse functionality, our internet site utilises its own ad posting service complete with an array of beneficial features engineered to defend its constant mission for quality ad content : – Ad content indicator provides tips and suggestions to make titles more appealing to customers – Category prompts provide advised classes and subcategories to maximise ad visibility to potential buyers – Picture suggestions for ads without photographs – using library of Creative Commons footage. (Research shows that users are 90% more certain to click on adverts with footage) – Syndication of adverts to other classifieds sites (coming shortly) We live in a world overflowing with information.

For somebody sieving through the seemingly never-ending classifieds (plenty of which are spam and scams), there are just too many separate sources available. Our web site eradicates the necessity to spend irreplaceable time sorting through these advertisements by bringing an “all-in-one” approach and a uniform, easy to use interface together to make searching for advertisements an enjoyable and productive experience.

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How to Fully Benefit from Online Classified Ads

It is not a secret how classified ads can help you find what you?re looking for. With just a click of a button, you can find items, merchandise, and other services readily available for you. Free posting and free ads are only some of the benefits you can get from classified ads. However, there are some ways to take it a step further and really get all the advantages you can get off of your free online classified. Classified ads are not just for getting the best buy. With a few simple tips, you can make full use of classified ads today.

The Buy and Sell Trade is one of the most popular services in classified ads. Most people prefer to sell online to get the most profit from their goods. However, some enthusiasts prefer to trade their goods for another item of the same value. This can prove to be a great place to meet new friends with the same hobbies and interests as you.

Most people are stuck with posting classified ads. The truth is, there are other ways to advertise using classified ads, rather than posting a free ad. You can actually choose banner advertising using classified ads as a way to promote you business. Classified ads have a banner advertising program, which you ca n use to advertise your business further. You can create some exposure for your business, raking in more customers!

You can also take a simple step to make finding various ads that interest you easier. Through ad alerts, you can get email notifications whenever someone posts an ad about things that interest you. This way, you can always be the first to see a great offer. All you have to do is provide your email address, and specify the keywords.

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Useful ways of online classifieds site

As we all know that online classified sites are accessible to display ads from companies small or big and individuals to market their products and services. This innovative method makes their business and the Internet industry step to the next level of success.

Classified online from job ads, best buy and free posting are been very useful to every advertiser across the globe. Classifieds ads are also very specific in their approach if you are planning to sell your home you can easily post your ads in the real estate categories. This way the potential buyers can easily find and check out your classified ads anytime of the way. This goes also for the company who hiring an employee, they can just go and post their job ads in its respective categories. Applicants would probably see this as they browse through job seekers. This method has indeed better than using print media, since it saves a lot of time and a lot of money expenses. Online classifieds are easy to find and give one to one deal. There is no role of any middleman in any transaction or application and agreement. All deals are straight towards between the seller and the purchaser. As a result the profit is shared in the same way instead of giving it to a third party.

If you are looking for something that you wanted to buy but have no idea the exact name of the product. Then it will be easier for you to look through online classified sites. Classified ads websites are categorized as per products, location, and budget. The consumer, customer and job seekers can visit the site and choose different options to get a refined search result from the site and get in touch with the better conclusion.

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Sumoku 1.0 Free For IOS – Unique Crossword-Style Game With Numbers

Blue Orange Games and HagerApps are happy to introduce Sumoku 1.0 free for iOS five, their brand new version of the popular addition Game played with 96 tiles and one die. Tiles are numbered from 1 to nine and each is one of six colors. At the start of play, a key number is selected randomly, which can on occasion be 3, 4, or 5. For example, if the key number were five, the tiles played could add up to 5, ten, 15, 20, and so on. Making the game especially challenging, is the rule that two tiles of the same color can't be employed in a single horizontal or vertical line.

. Pronounced soo-moh-koo’, the term pertains to pattern created by the tiles on the board. As in Scrabble-like games, winning requires careful thought and a bit of luck. Frequently, playing just 1 or 2 tiles that adds on to a previous row or column could be a player’s best play.

Players resupply to the full complement of eight tiles after each turn. Feature Highlights :

  • Fast, enjoyable game for two to 5 players, ages 8 and older
  • Try it by playing with friends using Apple’s Game Center
  • Penalty points at the end of the game for unplayed tiles
  • Game can be played in around 30 minutes when playing face-to-face
For more than 10 years, Blue Orange Games has been creating top quality games, exquisitely designed for maximum fun. Building their games with sturdy materials, Blue Orange is committed to manufacturing eco friendly games that are made to last and treasure. With a catalog boasting over 30 unique games for every age, Blue Orange consistently earns recognition from shops, fans, and the game industry.

Looking towards the future with a mind for constant improvement, Blue Orange Games is dependable in their mission to bring HOT Games to a COOL Planet. Their line of games can be discovered at Whole foods, Barnes & Noble and specialty stores. For videos, web-based games, reviews, and store locator please see the link for Blue Orange Games, below. “Hager Apps has taken care to maintain the high quality and beautiful design for which Blue Orange Games is known when porting Sumoku to the iPhone and iPad platform,” stated Jonathan Hager. “The iPhone and iPad versions of the game can be found in the U.S. And Canadian App Stores.

It can be downloaded and attempted for free using Game Center’s new turn-based games feature available only in iOS five. ” . Device Wants :

  • iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch
  • Needs iOS 5.0 or later
  • Universal program optimized for display on all iOS devices
  • 12.7 MB
Pricing and Availability : . The advertisements can be removed easily, making it a standard programme, for $3.99 ($). A further feature is face to face play for 2 to 5 players by passing the device, which may also be unfastened for $3.99. A bundle is available for a $5.99. Sumoku 1.0 . The website . Blue Orange Games . blueorangegames . Purchase and Download . YouTube Video . Screen-capture 1 . The web site . Program Icon . The web site press release distributors . Based in Beaverton, Oregon, HagerApps was founded by Jonathan Hager in 2008. The iPhone is the ideal mobile platform for fast games.

Jonathan leveraged his expertise as a software engineer and began creating Programs. The team that makes a contribution to each application is a global team of developers, designers, project bosses, and marketers. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple symbol, iPhone and iPod are registered trademarks of Apple Incorporated.

And / or other nations. Other trademarks and registered trademarks could be the property of their respective owners.

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Best Investment For 2014 ; The Pop / Rock Band, Cutting Edge

In the times of bands requiring high guarantees to perform in concert, with little return on the investment for the investor or company sponsor ; Cutting Edge, a pop / rock and roll band from Phoenix, AZ is revolutionizing how business is done in the music biz. Since Cutting Edge is foregoing their performance guarantee per concert, the price of each manufacturing each concert has been lowered to approx. $15,000 per night.

Delegates for Cutting Edge project that even if the band only sold 4,000 seats sold at $15 each, there's a potential gross profit of $60,000 per night and after taxes and building cost, this could leave a potential net profit of approx. $30,000 per concert and a breakeven of approx. One thousand tickets sold. Members for the band feel the band will easily exceed the 4,000 seats sold. Cutting Edge members make it clear that an even more interesting part of this new business model is that the band is supplying a 30% across the board participation in all ticket, merchandise and CD sales at the concerts and over the Net. According to Mr. Jeffrey Beals, a one-time partner of the William Morris Agency, product sales can contribute virtually $6 profit per seat at a concert, and with an expectancy of 4,000 seats being sold per concert, that's an additional profitability of virtually $24,000 in merchandise sales per concert or a total potential net profit of over $50,000 per concert when combining ticket sales with merchandise sales.

Not such a terrible profit margin in the opinion of the band’s lead vocalist, David Pesnell. Members for Cutting Edge latterly projected that for a concert tour under this business plan, the band will need $2,000,000 to market the album and concert tour and that based on only four thousand seats being sold per concert, the total gross profit from concert tickets and goods sales will surpass $8,000,000 over the two years period. Members make it clear that this gross profit does not include product sold over the web or other locations outside the concert. For the non-public investor, this business plan gives the investor the opportunity to invest in the music biz with a smaller amount of cash, lower risk and a higher return. For a corporate sponsor, it offers much more, including nationwide and global press and promoting for the company sponsor. According to Mr. Beals, the band will also give away tickets to employees and / or clients of the company sponsor and allow a meet and greet with the band before or after each concert.

Eventually, Cutting Edge will even permit the corporate sponsor to sell band CDs (albums and singles) and product over their website, drawing fans to the site of the company sponsor. For those who have not followed the band, Cutting Edge has charted several songs over the last twelve years, including “Without You”, “Love Police”, “Each Time I Try”, “Your Love Is My Oxygen”, “She Wore Red”, and “Let Your Body Rock”. In 2011, Cutting Edge made indie music history by debuting two songs (“Without You” and “If The Walls Could Talk”) inside the Top 20 of the Poster advertisement Hot Single Sales Charts. Cutting Edge charted three other songs in 2012. Mr. Beals and other delegates for Cutting Edge feel this is the direction the music biz is headed.

In the following 3-5 years, a corporate sponsor will identify a band they feel can represent their company and not only pitch the band on a gig tour, but actually may even push the music of the band in the place of a record company. According to guide vocalist David Pesnell, “it's an interesting concept of firms having bands under contract or on their payroll and using their music to not only generate ties to the corporate sponsors product, but in addition to generate a nice profit in promoting a band while creating product branding for both the band and corporate sponsor”. Cutting Edge is beginning the process of trying to find a stockholder, a company sponsor or someone to represent them in securing the funds for the concert tours of 2012 and 2013. The business plan by the band is unique and the members for the band feel it's the initial step in the process that may radically change the music industry and how backers and / or company sponsors will interact with bands in times to come. Cutting Edge can be found at thecuttingedgeband (at) earthlink (dot) net or at 520-850-2889. You can read more about the band at the following links : . Our Internet website . The internet site . The web site . press release distributor

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HostGee Offers Six Month Free On Totally Managed VPS

The internet site one of the biggest web hosting firms in Saudi Arabia, announced today an offer for six months free VPS with a draw price worth $5000. After yet one more successful year within the website hosting industry, HostGee are rolling out wonderful offers and promotions this New Year 2012 across their variety of products beginning with fully manged virtual personal servers (VPS). Consumers will also be mechanically entered into a Saudi Riyal (SAR twenty thousand) equivalent to ($5000) draw if they purchase a 12 or 24 month contract. Already keenly priced in the hosting market, this offer sees the monthly charge of their completely managed virtual non-public servers fall to as low as Saudi Riyal (SAR 450 / month) when taking the Advance VPS Plan, the entry level V. S, and offering customers the opportunity to save as much as Saudi Riyal (SAR seven thousand) when taking the Extreme VPS Plan, the top of the range 150GB Intel 8 Core CPU. Shafiq Ur Rehman, Founder & Manager declared : “We've had a fantastic 2011 and thought we would start it off with a burst of offers, promotions and giveaways.

Shafiq ended off by saying : “We wish to continue being recognized as one of the leading website hosting companies in the Saudi Arabia. To try this we must continue to enhance our offerings, through technological advancements and our pricing technique, to make certain our products are competitive and in-line with our customers’ needs.” Be prepared for more offers and promotions from this web-hosting leader this New Year 2012. About our website a division of Gulf InfoNet Est. Providing Web Hosting, V. P. S Hosting, Dedicated Servers, Web design and online marketing services in Saudi Arabia to over above 4,000 Web sites and 5,500 purchasers worldwide . It operates over 50,191 sq. feet of leading edge information centers that cut back the complexity and price of Net-based technologies for small firms and enormous companies.

Set up in 2009, HostGee is one of the middle east biggest Website hosting companies with a direct presence in three nations, three worldwide operation centers and more than 75 our web website visit : About Gulf InfoNet Gulf InfoNet is Saudi Arabia premier Web Hosting, Website Design, Internet Marketing, Call Center Services and on-line classifieds company in recruitment, real estate and education. The Corporation has a spray of websites and associated businesses in each of these segments. For extra information, come visit : gulfinfonet Press Contact : Abdul Rahman, Director – Communications, 966-2-541-2032, prgulfinfonet.

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“seven Figure” Sam Offers Fitness Marketing Information On The Right Way To Create A Bounteous 2014

It takes cash to earn income, particularly in the world of fitness promoting press releases distribution Sadly, many fitness trainers find it challenging to put aside enough selling greenbacks to run an efficient campaign. Sam Bakhtiar, a twenty-year industry vet and self-made millionaire, dishes up his guidance regarding how to create a 2012 of plenty by allotting resources. “If you don't have the money, then you better have thought of methods to get it. You want cash to purchase your way into a prospect’s mind. If you're not spending the cash, then rest assured your competitors are. To get financial liberty, you've got to make an investment that may pay you a hunky return, plain and simple.” . For his fitness selling, “7 Figure” Sam pays out a once per month sum of $3,500 in local newspaper and mag adverts, $1,700 to maintain his Facebook presence, and $3,000 to his team of online promoters and writing staff.

In total, he’s forking out $8,200 every month to get heavy share of the market. A year on advertising,” Sam explains. “I know these guys aren't your competitors, but you see that advertising is a unavoidable problem and everyone is paying to play.” He adds, “Fortunately, advances in technology have made advertising cheaper than previously. I suggest developing a presence with e-mail, blogs, business internet sites, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, mobile.” . If fitness marketing pros are faced with a tight selling budget, they'll need to get creative and hit the streets with guerilla marketing programs that make a large impact. Free gifts always leave an impression on people and rev up the word-of-mouth campaign engine. Creating a fitness promoting budget is step 1 to success.

For “seven Figure” Sam, spending over $8,000 a month isn’t so bad when he brings in over $2.4 Million a year. Private trainers who grapple with getting off the ground although they are fantastic at what they do would benefit a great amount from Sam Bakhtiar’s personal trainer mentorship programs, books and conventions. About Sam Bakhtiar . Sam Bakhtiar is a Persian-born American with over twenty years of expertise in fitness training and body building. After completing B.S in Premed and Nutrition, Sam also received a degree of doctorate of Chiropractics. Along with being one of the very finest fitness trainers, Sam is also a business and marketing expert. After building a successful fitness training business with significant earnings, Sam is helping other execs in the bizz to hit their business goals.

For more information, please contact using the following information. Contact Information : . Sam Bakhtiar . Fitness Ideas . 909-393-9075 . super-trainer .

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Major Release Of Flynax 4.0 Classifieds Software

Flynax Company is happy to announce the launching of its long-awaited advanced classifieds software version – Flynax 4.0. Flynax new version is absolutely new classifieds software presenting know-how web developments for core and cache system together with new templates and features. Flynax 4.0 classifieds software is the call and hot trend for knowledge of web technologies in online software development.

New Flynax classifieds software version features press release for free new method of adding listings, displaying classifieds lists and listing details, new search with added refine search option and search by keywords, dealers’ private pages, updated account and message systems. The access to free extensions and updated version of Google Maps is simplified and available from the administration panel, which should help you extend the functionality not simply the user end but also the back-end of a classifieds website. Developing the new version Flynax developers paid heavy attention to memory needed for script work, load upon database server and security. It's all about steadiness and comfy use of web classifieds software in the new Flynax version.

Flynax 4.0 Classifieds Software The new version gives great opportunities for creation of classifieds web portals in all niches on the Web,” asserted John Freeman, Manager of Flynax Classifieds Software Company. The new cache system of Flynax 4.0 classifieds software enhances the process of caching that decreases server load. In the latest version the cache system makes cache of listings that gives one more opportunity to minimise server load along with creation of real HTML URLs that saves time and speeds up loading of classifieds’ internet site pages.

Kinds of lists are arranged into a manager that allows internet site's administrator to create and make slight customizations to the adverts internet site without going through software files. This simplified process of changes consists of expanding the advertisements website's niche by creating unrestriced types of listings or targeting job listings as a web job board. “The new Flynax version has a convenient frontend and back end with agreeable colors and improved interface. Flynax 4.0 incorporates new templates and useful features both in user and administration bits of the software,” claimed Helen Lee, Managing Director of Flynax Classifieds Software Company.

. Also Flynax 4.0 version is available for all Flynax classifieds scripts such as General, Realty, Pets, Auto and Boats classifieds software. Be happy to check new Flynax 4.0 version and features at the Live Demo and contact 24 / 7 Live Pre-Sale support at the Flynax site.

About Flynax. Flynax stands for trustworthiness and cost of internet classifieds our site company was founded 5 years back and gained its wonderful reputation in the ads software market with its award winning online software which can be used for any classifieds site like General, Pets, Realty, Auto, Boats and more. Today lots of customers who use Flynax classifieds software are totally satisfied with the quality of the software and fantastic Flynax support service. The philosophy of Flynax is to help folks to earn money online by providing them with quality and trusty classifieds software.

AdPerfect Extends Mobile Classified Marketplace with Spreed Inc.

iPhoneMobileAppAdPerfect, a classified advertising solution provider to media publishers, today announced it?s partnership with Spreed Inc., a mobile publishing platform for content providers. The partnership will offer the companies? media publisher clients a mobile solution that includes classified data and news data in one application, rather than serval different ones.

?AdPerfect?s classified platform has always taken an innovative and scalable approach to classifieds,? said Steve Kump, President & CTO of AdPerfect. ?Integrating AdPerfect?s mobile-optimized classified platform with Spreed?s content applications, supports AdPerfect?s mobile strategy: offering mobile optimized solutions that hook into our clients? existing mobile applications.?

The partnership integrates Spreed?s mobile applications with AdPerfect?s priority mobile-optimized classified solution. ?We?re excited about our partnership with AdPerfect,? said Dave Coleman, Director of Sales & Marketing at Spreed Inc. ?By seamlessly integrating the two sophisticated technologies, clients further expand their mobile value proposition.?

How does it works? Users launch the publication?s application, hosted by Spreed, from their mobile device. They are presented both news and classifieds tabs. When the classifieds tab and/or link is selected the user is driven to the publication?s AdPerfect-hosted mobile Online Marketplace, where they can shop the publication?s classifieds.

?The AdPerfect Spreed partnership offers one application that provides users both news & classified content, making for a better user experience. Plus, this is a cost-effective solution for media publishers,? said Kump.

Spreed offers applications for deployment across the mobile ecosystem, including all major smart phones and tablets. AdPerfect?s mobile-optimized classified platform is browser agnostic and automatically updates with software releases.

?Spreed continually sources best-in-class partners to offer our clients world-class service and technology. AdPerfect is such a partner and we look forward to a successful relationship,? said Coleman.

About AdPerfect:
AdPerfect offers comprehensive yet configurable local & classified advertising solutions designed to achieve maximum revenue for media publishers. AdPerfect?s web-based Classified Advertising Solution reduces costs, simplifies workflows, and increases ROI. AdPerfect?s solutions are used by over 450 media publishers across North America, the UK, and Australia. Some customers include: The McClatchy Company, New York Times Regional Media Group, Metro Group, Postmedia Network,,, AutoTrader UK, and Metroland Media Group.

About Spreed Inc:
Spreed Inc. is a leader in mobile publishing and advertising technology for the media industry. By focusing on scalability, security and analytics, Spreed excels in the fast, cost effective development of smart phone and tablet applications that generate revenue from day one.

By simplifying the mobile eco-system, Spreed enables content providers to work with just a single vendor. Seamlessly integrating all of the pieces needed for a lucrative mobile property to speak to and listen to each other, Spreed increases speed to market and advertising revenue optimization. Spreed?s technology interlinks three sophisticated, proprietary platforms ? ContentSync, Clever Ads and Mobile Insight ? that together deliver a market best mobile publishing solution.


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